Approximately 40 years ago, when DTP Group was born, nobody expected that it would play such a vital role in the expansion of intimate apparel in the Greek market.

With a clear focus on women, the family business steadily grew to a massive distribution house that included medium to high end women’s lingerie as well as homewear, swimwear, stockings and recently activewear. The exclusive partnerships with some of the most famous fashion forward brands of the industry remain the key of the company’s success.

Having had a direct relationship with more than 1,500 specialty stores in its history of this business, today DTP Group has a strong network of its own retail legs as well as more than 500 active customers in Greece and abroad, together with shops in shops in Greece’s most prominent department stores. 

Our team is not just distributing and re-selling:

We are a young team of Brand Builders, that work methodically and effectively in promoting and building our brands in our market on every aspect. From research and development, assortment building, marketing, social responsibility actions, branding and communication to sales techniques, in store events and development of loyalty programs, we help our brands grow their name and presence in the market. At the same time, we help all our partnering retailers achieve their business goals by having our team decoding and explaining these new techniques to them on a constant basis.

Our love for Wellness and the application of the right fit on every body type, led to the creation of the Ma Cherie Concept Stores, with the 1st one opening its doors in 2013.

In our Wellness Stores (currently 3 locations and an e-commerce platform) every different body type can find a variety of fashion options in swimwear, activewear, homewear and underwear. Our Fitting Experts are highly trained individuals that help our consumers find the right fit for every option depending on their body type. 

After all, 8 out 10 women wear the wrong bra-top size; this is something that needs to change. At Ma Cherie Concept Stores, every consumer will find the right size for her that helps her in keeping the right posture and body stance, helps blood circulation and enhances her wellbeing. The most difficult body types are the ones that need the most options! 


Based on our retail expertise, we are able to consult and update all our retail partners on their own businesses. We do that through our main office and showroom which are located in Athens and we also operate a 2nd office with a showroom in Greece’s 2nd largest city, Thessaloniki. 


Wellness is a state of (our and your) mind.