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ReFeel aims to enhance our wellness lifestyle options and be synonymous with a life of self care.

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Evolution of wholesale


DTP Group was the first company to introduce wellness fashion to the Greek market and to embrace diversity by providing different body types with more-than-ever alternatives. Focusing on consumer needs and “difficult” sizing, usually not found through mass retailers, our company became the market’s gateway to “the right fit”. As we gained recognition, we continued to expand our product categories in the homewear, swimwear, activewear & skincare industries.

Our long-term relationships with pioneer, forward-thinking international brands have helped us become a liable, efficient partner and hence fuel our need to gradually evolve our portfolio. The incorporation of new, up-to-date brands has sparked new opportunities in the wholesale apparel & wellness services between Greece and Cyprus.

Today, we have evolved into a leading import and distribution company, with a significantly large wholesale clientele and numerous shop-in-shops in the largest department stores in Greece. At the same time, we have expanded our DTC presence in the retail network by launching the first retail wellness chain in Greece, Ma Chérie Wellness Stores.

Our goal is to help our customers reach the best version of themselves. We work relentlessly with passion, love, and inspiration to achieve that. The trust of our partners over the years is our driving force, while continuous improvement is our key to success.

Love-your-self concept


With a well-being lifestyle at its core, ReFeel is the ultimate destination for wellness brands in

Europe. During the past years, our lives have been undergoing a shift. Focusing on ourselves is of the utmost importance.

The brands we carry are the gateway to your comfort zone. Self-love and being your best self are the cornerstones of this concept.

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