Proudly manufactured in USA, Hanky Panky uses responsible business practices to create colorful, comfortable, flirty lingerie that makes women feel good about themselves.


Their story began in 1977, when Gale Epstein created a handmade lingerie set for her friend Lida Orzeck crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The immediate success of the design led to the creation of the brand and also inspired the company name, Hanky Panky.

In the 1980s, the brand’s iconic one-size lace thongs were introduced and were instrumental in confirming the brand’s reputation for meticulous quality, which quickly established the brand as an industry leader.

Revolutionary comfort and softness combined with perfect fit and a broad color palette are the features which give Hanky Panky strong commercial potential across the whole range of the lingerie clientele.

Every garment is produced with manufacturing methods which ensure high level of craftsmanship. Every thong uses approximately 30 meters of thread for more stitches per inch, leading to a more durable and high quality product.

Hanky Panky’s soft Signature Lace is made in the USA and is an exclusive pattern available only to Hanky Panky and protected by copyright.

The brand’s collections include a wide range of products such as panties, bras and bralettes available in many colors from basic (black, white, different shades of nude) to fashion colors and they also cover different occasions from everyday moments to special events (e.g. bridal collection).

The brand’s iconic product, the Hanky Panky thong (trademarked as the World’s Most Comfortable Thong®), is designed to ensure the maximum level of comfort due to its original design and the Hanky Panky Signature Lace.

Hanky Panky bras and bralettes provide an ideal choice for light support, and are designed for an easy-to-wear all day fit (no back closure, slide over the head).
Life is serious. Lingerie should be fun!™