Project Description

Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG, the company behind SUNFLAIR®, OLYMPIA®, OPERA® and SUNMARIN®, represents one of the leading swimwear and beachwear manufacturers in Europe.

Founded 70 years ago in Germany, Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG has managed to establish its name in the international market due to the wide product range and high quality standards guaranteed by the company’s crafting tradition.

Every brand has formed own distinctive identity and focuses on different needs of a specific target group. All four brands cover the vast majority of swimwear and beachwear clientele, satisfying different needs of every age and body type and providing uncompromising quality and perfect fit.

Apart from broad range in sizes (36 to 56 in most cases) and bra cups (A to F cup, reaching up to H cup for Sunflair), every brand offers products made from lightweight, top-quality fabrics, such as Xtra Life Lycra and Lycra Beauty.

SUNFLAIR®, the company’s flagship brand, presents every season innovative and high-quality swimwear combining a variety of different trends, materials, cuts and fits.

OLYMPIA® is mainly focused on youthful and innovative design including cheeky, sexy lines in every size.

OPERA® represents the luxurious aspect of swimwear and beachwear, standing out for the attention to detail and elegant cuts.

Lastly, SUNMARIN® specializes in combining quality and perfect fit with competitive prices.