Project Description

Coming from Colombia, Phax represents the joyful spirit of Latin America in swimwear and beachwear collections.

Since its foundation in 1991, Phax was designed to be a universal brand and until today, is distributed in 70 countries across all continents.

Fresh and colorful design in combination with flattering and sexy cuts is what makes Phax a strong commercial asset for every swimwear and beachwear collection.

Every season, the brand presents ultra feminine cuts and original patterns in statement prints exclusively designed for Phax, as well as a wide color palette ranging from basic to bold colors. All designs come in mix and match giving every client the opportunity to create her own personal style.

Phax also provides a variety of selections according to every client’s need (for example 6 different types of briefs for different levels of coverage).

The brand’s portfolio is completed by a beachwear line, including beach dresses, tunics, shorts and tops as well as beach accessories (bags, hats, etc).

Phax presents a public profile inspired by the brand’s youthful spirit.

From time to time, Phax has collaborated with famous celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen presenting advertising campaigns in both press and digital media and also it keeps an updated image through its social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Ytube).

Also, it has taken action for the protection of the oceans, by actively supporting the environmental organization Iniciativa Bajo Tranquilo.