Project Description

Esprit Bodywear, member of the international brand Esprit established in 1968 and distributed to 40 countries worldwide, was founded in 1999 to extend the brand’s success to the intimate apparel industry.

The brand presents a very competitive selling proposition, combining a vast product portfolio with the world acclaimed Esprit design and high-quality production expertise, as every garment is manufactured by the same production team that develops the Triumph collections.

Every collection is inspired by the California lifestyle ranging from basic to sophisticated NOOS and fashion styles, “bringing fashion to the skin”.

Esprit Bodywear is currently amongst the top 3 bodywear brands in Germany (together with Chantelle/Passionata and Triumph) and has been awarded in both 2010 and 2014 as the “Top Bodywear Brand” in the country.

Marketing wise, Esprit Bodywear has already gained significant brand awareness under the Esprit trademark and continues to grow further building a strong brand identity of its own.