Project Description

Founded in Paris in 2009, Albertine brings a fresh approach to premium swimwear and resortwear, being sold in key French high-end retailers such as Le Bon Marché.

Albertine collections feature ready-to-wear styles, blending retro with ultra-modern cuts and contemporary fashion design. Dual fabrics, mismatched prints and mixed genres always play a key role in the brands’ assortment, along with luxury feel fabrics such as velvet and edgy as well as up-to-date cuts such as blousy surf tops.

In 2014, Albertine’s design time decided to enrich the brand’s portfolio with a lingerie line including elegant still easy-to-wear garments manufactured in various production units in Europe and Tunisia.

The brand’s public image is totally aligned with its fresh design approach; by being strong in social media, participating actively in the French high-fashion community and by collaborating with well established designers and retailers.